Energy Savings for Air Conditioning & Heating Seasons

Energy Savings Plans

At Mission Heating & Cooling we believe in staying ahead of problems before they get a chance to develop.  We offer 1 Year, 2 Year, 3 Year, 5 Year & 10 Year Agreements to save on repairs, new equipment, energy.  Contact us to sign up.

Plan Benefits

Your heating & cooling systems represent a major expense and investment.  Take care of your investment with a maintenance plan that includes 2 visits per year for heating season and cooling season precision tune-ups.  

  • Extended Equipment Life
  • Guaranteed Emergency Service within 24 hours of Call
  • Fewer Repairs
  • Lower Energy Bills
  • 15% Discount on Plumbing & HVAC Repairs
  • Priority Customer Status
  • Inflation Protection
  • Agreement is Transferable
  • No Overtime Charges
  • We will Call you to Schedule
  • 5% Discount on New HVAC System

Cooling Season Precision Tune-up Procedures for Air Conditioning Systems*

  • Inspect evaporator coil (if accessible.)
  • Visual inspection of filter; replace if customer has replacement filter.
  • Check primary & secondary drains.
  • Adjust and clean blower components.
  • Inspect condenser coil.
  • Lubricate all moving parts (where applicable.)
  • Check & tighten all loose electrical connections.
  • Check operating pressures for proper refrigerant charge.
  • Check voltage & amperage draw on all motors.
  • Clean & check thermostat.
  • Monitor air conditioning cycle.
  • Make recommendations for improvement.
  • Inspect evaporator coil (if accessible); clean & spray with evaporative cleaner.
  • Check operating pressures for proper refrigerant charge. (Includes up to 2# of refrigerant if needed.)

Cooling Season Precision Tune-up Procedures for Evaporative Coolers*

  • Lubricate all bearings (where applicable.)
  • Clean pads or replace customer supplied pads.
  • Clean pan and water pump.
  • Inspect water line for leaks at start up.
  • Inspect belt and adjust float.
  • Connect and disconnect water lines at start up & shut down.
  • Clear distribution tubes.
  • Make recommendations for improvement.

Heating Season Precision Tune-up Procedures*

  • Clean burners.
  • Adjust gas pressure.
  • Check & adjust pilot operation.
  • Lubricate all moving pats.
  • Monitor flue draft for safe operation.
  • Check & tighten all loose electrical connections.
  • Check & test safety controls.
  • Monitor voltage & amperage draw on all motors.
  • Check Thermostat.
  • Monitor furnace cycle.
  • Check for cracked heat exchanger.
  • Make recommendations for system improvements.
  • Check for carbon monoxide detection.


At Mission Heating & Cooling we can take care of all your heating & cooling systems needs.  Try this service ageement for three months.  Your system will work more efficiently.   If you are not satisfied for any reason, your entire Maintenance Plan Agreement amount will be refunded – No Questions Asked!

  • NO-Risk
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • You Can’t Lose!

*Benefits may vary by system age, type, usage & utility cost.
**Monthly payment plans can be canceled at any time with 30 day written notice.

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