Central Air Conditioning Diagnosis & Repair – 2014

[Mission Heating & Cooling] diagnosed a failing central air conditioner at a residence; then performed the repairs.

Two months earlier, I had another company come out and service the same unit. The first company determined that the refrigerant had leaked from the Schrader valve. They refilled with refrigerant, claimed that the valve still leaked, and used a sort of rubber cement to affix the plastic cap to the valve in the hope of stopping the leak; as they claimed the valve could not easily be fixed. They charged me over $700 for everything, and specifically refused to warrant the repair. They also said that a replacement system would cost around $7,000 and that they would be happy to sell it to me.

Mission Heating & Cooling came out the day I called, even though their schedule was already pretty full. I told them that I might need a replacement system, but that I wanted their opinion. The owner came out and determined that the technician from the previous company actually broke the valve (or the cap, I’m not sure which). He fixed the valve/cap by installing a new one, refilled the system, and was on his way in less than 30 minutes. Later that day, the front office emailed to me the bill: $175 for everything. The air conditioner was running fine by the time I received the bill.

I spoke at length with the office (actually with the owner’s mother), and she related how they had heard for years about all the lies and cheating by A/C companies and technicians; and that they decided to start their business to provide an honest alternative. They certainly treated me with honesty and efficiency. They have won a customer for life and I told the same to the owner’s mother.

By the way, if I ever need it Mission Heating & Cooling will install a replacement system for me at the same location; for around $2,000-$3,000 – a far cry from the $7,000 quote from the first company.

IF YOU NEED A/C OR FURNACE SERVICE, GIVE THIS OUTFIT A CALL. We all deserve to be treated with honesty. In turn, honest outfits deserve all our business – don’t you agree?