…WE had a clogged compressor line. There was something that was causing the flooding or the condensation.

Here is how Erin described our service and service personnel, “He was very professional as well. I don’t remember his first name but he was very thorough and clean cut. He did a thorough look at our unit. It was just well done and he gave me some tips to look into. I think we had some rust in the bottom of the pan and he instructed me because I did not want to pay someone to scrub it out so I did it on my own. He was very thorough. They did go over the big deal of $65. I remember they did more than I expected. I really appreciated how professional that guy was. I have never been more pleased with the service. He was very good, leaving me with confidence that we have a good system and that he addressed the issue. He did an excellent job and he went above and beyond.

It was a good value for the big deal. I am planning on calling them and using them regularly. They are very good about scheduling and they got me in quickly. ”