Installation – Amana 16 Seer 4 ton Heat Pump & Whole House Surge Protector

When I arrived at my new house at 8 am, Chandler was there waiting for me. The crew arrived on time and installed everything new, tested it, and cleaned up all the mess. The whole experience was very good. They explained how the system worked, and showed me how to work it. I was concerned about the noise level, and it is quieter than Chandler had promised. Standing next to it while running, I could carry on a normal conversation. In fact, the only noise was from the air going across the fan. I couldn’t hear the compressor at all. The thermostat is the latest, showing the outside temp/humidity and programmable to start and stop when you want. The workmanship, professionalism, attitude of everyone was excellent. I can’t remark on the efficiency of the unit, or how well it cools or heats, but at this point, I couldn’t be happier. The outside unit and the inside air handler looks very nice, too.

Chandler was very helpful and I think sincere during the whole process. His wife
Danielle was very responsive to all my email inquiries, I couldn’t
imagine any business being better, and if this product is as good as
Chandler says it is, this whole replacement of an old unit will be one
of the highlights of making my house modern and livable.

I wish to thank everyone involved in the installation at Mission for doing such a good job.