First Baptist of Douglas now has an air conditioned auditorium…

On October 28, 2017, Pastor John H wrote to the Mission Heating & Cooling Team….

As of yesterday afternoon, First Baptist of Douglas now has an air conditioned auditorium. When Coleman turned the unit on for the first time that cool air flowing into our auditorium felt great. It will feel even better next summer during those hot and humid months.

I want to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all of you for how you all helped this project become a reality. Yesterday, the chairman of our board said to me that he never dreamed we could do this project at such a price. We are a small church and your generosity to us was a tremendous help in seeing this done. We are truly grateful to each of you.

I cannot end this letter without commenting on what a great representative Coleman is to your company. I simply cannot say enough about how enjoyable and helpful he was throughout the entire project. Thanks again to all of you.

Pastor John
November 3, 2017
Commercial, Cooling / AC - Air Conditioning, Installation

I feel great knowing I can trust them

I have used Mission for many years on my personal house and my rental properties. Every time they have been very professional. Their prices are great, they are reliable, and I feel great knowing I can trust them.

October 23, 2017

Spring Air Conditioning Unit Tune Up – June 2016

I couldn’t be more happy with the prompt and professional service. From the friendly initial greeting to the thorough diagnostic and prompt resolution of the problem. They have a genuine, honest, and capable staff! I will recommend them to all my friends and family!

Heather from Oro Valley
June 14, 2016
Cooling / AC - Air Conditioning, Spring/Winter Tune Up

AC Service/Maintenance – April 2016

Mission literally came to our rescue, our central air system stopped working in the middle of the night and before we knew it our home was a sauna. Not only did Chad manage to get to us the same day of our call. He was amazing a total professional who quickly provided a clear and honest assessment of the issue he explained to me why it likely happened and how to avoid it in the future, he then very quickly made the needed repairs and was done before I knew it. My wife could hardly believe when I called to update her and my kids who had taken up refuge at the mall. I’d recommend these guys to anyone and they’ll be the only folks servicing us going forward.

The Walkers
April 21, 2016
Cooling / AC - Air Conditioning

Affordable Furnace Installation

[Mission Heating & Cooling] installed a brand new gas furnace. It works very well, and at a price I could afford!

Rose M
March 26, 2016
Heating / Furnace, Installation, Residential

Installation – Amana 16 Seer 4 ton Heat Pump & Whole House Surge Protector

When I arrived at my new house at 8 am, Chandler was there waiting for me. The crew arrived on time and installed everything new, tested it, and cleaned up all the mess. The whole experience was very good. They explained how the system worked, and showed me how to work it. I was concerned about the noise level, and it is quieter than Chandler had promised. Standing next to it while running, I could carry on a normal conversation. In fact, the only noise was from the air going across the fan. I couldn’t hear the compressor at all. The thermostat is the latest, showing the outside temp/humidity and programmable to start and stop when you want. The workmanship, professionalism, attitude of everyone was excellent. I can’t remark on the efficiency of the unit, or how well it cools or heats, but at this point, I couldn’t be happier. The outside unit and the inside air handler looks very nice, too.

Chandler was very helpful and I think sincere during the whole process. His wife
Danielle was very responsive to all my email inquiries, I couldn’t
imagine any business being better, and if this product is as good as
Chandler says it is, this whole replacement of an old unit will be one
of the highlights of making my house modern and livable.

I wish to thank everyone involved in the installation at Mission for doing such a good job.

James P
March 14, 2016

Rebalanced Air Flow & Filter Maintenance

My heating was very noisy. They checked all the vents and discovered they weren’t fully open, leading to the hissing sound. They repositioned the vents and my heating is now barely audible. While here, they also checked and replaced the filter. I will definitely have them back to check my cooling system prior to the hot summer season.

Carol N
March 10, 2016
Maintenance / Service / Warranty

AC Service – February 2016

James was the service tech that came to the house. He was very friendly and honest. We were told that we needed a whole new AC unit by someone else, but James did a simple service and said the unit did not need to be replaced. He gave us some recommendations on how to keep it running smoothly. We will definitely call Mission Heating and Cooling again and recommend them to all our friends. If you are looking for a good, efficient, honest and Christian company to do business with, this is it.

February 26, 2016
Cooling / AC - Air Conditioning, Residential

…WE had a clogged compressor line. There was something that was causing the flooding or the condensation.

Here is how Erin described our service and service personnel, “He was very professional as well. I don’t remember his first name but he was very thorough and clean cut. He did a thorough look at our unit. It was just well done and he gave me some tips to look into. I think we had some rust in the bottom of the pan and he instructed me because I did not want to pay someone to scrub it out so I did it on my own. He was very thorough. They did go over the big deal of $65. I remember they did more than I expected. I really appreciated how professional that guy was. I have never been more pleased with the service. He was very good, leaving me with confidence that we have a good system and that he addressed the issue. He did an excellent job and he went above and beyond.

It was a good value for the big deal. I am planning on calling them and using them regularly. They are very good about scheduling and they got me in quickly. ”

Erin M
February 13, 2015

Central Air Conditioning Diagnosis & Repair – 2014

[Mission Heating & Cooling] diagnosed a failing central air conditioner at a residence; then performed the repairs.

Two months earlier, I had another company come out and service the same unit. The first company determined that the refrigerant had leaked from the Schrader valve. They refilled with refrigerant, claimed that the valve still leaked, and used a sort of rubber cement to affix the plastic cap to the valve in the hope of stopping the leak; as they claimed the valve could not easily be fixed. They charged me over $700 for everything, and specifically refused to warrant the repair. They also said that a replacement system would cost around $7,000 and that they would be happy to sell it to me.

Mission Heating & Cooling came out the day I called, even though their schedule was already pretty full. I told them that I might need a replacement system, but that I wanted their opinion. The owner came out and determined that the technician from the previous company actually broke the valve (or the cap, I’m not sure which). He fixed the valve/cap by installing a new one, refilled the system, and was on his way in less than 30 minutes. Later that day, the front office emailed to me the bill: $175 for everything. The air conditioner was running fine by the time I received the bill.

I spoke at length with the office (actually with the owner’s mother), and she related how they had heard for years about all the lies and cheating by A/C companies and technicians; and that they decided to start their business to provide an honest alternative. They certainly treated me with honesty and efficiency. They have won a customer for life and I told the same to the owner’s mother.

By the way, if I ever need it Mission Heating & Cooling will install a replacement system for me at the same location; for around $2,000-$3,000 – a far cry from the $7,000 quote from the first company.

IF YOU NEED A/C OR FURNACE SERVICE, GIVE THIS OUTFIT A CALL. We all deserve to be treated with honesty. In turn, honest outfits deserve all our business – don’t you agree?

Doug Z
February 3, 2014
Cooling / AC - Air Conditioning, Repair, Residential

HVAC Repair – 2014

We called Mission the day before Father’s day. We didn’t expect to get a response until that following Monday. We received a call on Father’s day and advised us they’d be by first thing in the morning. The owner showed up just as he said. He was honest told us what it was and how long it would take to receive the part and cost. He was amazing! We would refer Mission to anybody who needed services. Should we ever need to purchase a new unit they would the company we would use.

Paul B
January 14, 2014
Repair, Residential